Doctors of Excellence would like to welcome Dr. Adrian Lobono into the supportive and prestigious community of top doctors

Dr. Adrian Lobono is a compassionate and dedicated Doctor of Dental Surgery. Doctors of Excellence is proud to welcome Dr. Lobono into the community of competent physicians.Dr. Lobono earned his medical degree at the University of Illinois in the year 2005. In his 9 years of experience, he was able to do extensive trainings at Washington State and the University of Georgia. In addition, Dr. Lobono is also an active constituent of North Carolina Dental Society and American College of Prosthodontics. With the knowledge and skills of Dr. Lobono, he has been working with the Day and Night Family Dental Clinic as a board certified Prosthodontics. Day and Night Family Dental Clinic caters patients across the life span. Dr. Lobono ensures that every patient under his care is always in a conducive and a comfortable environment. Day and Night Family Dental Clinic is located at 1408 Skibo Road in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Dr. Lobono shares his knowledge and skills to others by lecturing both locally and nationally. He has been a hardworking and reliable doctor that believes that hard work, family support and great mentors are significant elements to be successful. You can contact Dr. Lobono at his office (910-354-2680) in case you need assistance.